New Season  |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"The seasons fall in order, one after the other, neither one coming or going before its time.

But with every winter comes the signal to an end

And with that end, new life soon follows.

You have reached winter’s end. May you enter the next season in peace."


Into the Mist  |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"Long days and short years are behind you

And a trail of memories, laughter and adventures mark the pathway to the end of the road

Life’s long journey has come to an end

And it is now your time to rest in peace."

Remember Me  |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"When the angels carry you far away

and guide you to what lies ahead

into unknown destinies and untraveled journeys....

Remember me."


The Hummingbird Returns   |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"One day, I’ll see you again.

Until then....

Into the Sunset  |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"Life took an unexpected turn and your time came too soon.

So suddenly you had to leave, But another place beyond the skies lies in wait for you A star will now live among the stars, an angel will find its way home."

See You Again  |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"Although it seems you've left me now,

I feel that you are here somehow:

I'm wishing you were here with me

To laugh about our memories.

I'm not sure why you had to leave.

Why couldn't you have stayed with me?

It seems that time just slipped away -

So many things I've still to say.

 I'm not sure when I'll tell you them

Although I know that until then,

I'll think of you and keep you close

Till I see you again."


Heart of the Ocean  |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"Away, but still in my thoughts

Here, but remains unseen

Gone, but have not left us

Forever with me

And I’m forever with you"

Into the Clouds  |  $3.00 CDN

$10.50 pk of 4 / $34.50 pk of 12  [mix & match]

"Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

Ecclesiastes 12:7"